Planeta Tattoo
Vlad Tsekh
Vitaliy Volochko
Miha Bardak
Kostarevich Stanislav
Alexey Kirilov
Slavik MZR
Ivan Gordienko
1 Day - 25 June 2021
  1. Color tattoo.
  2. Black & Gray.
  3. Japanese Classical / Oriental
  4. Best of the day (color)
  5. Best of the day (black and white)
  6. Best of the day (graphics)
2 Day - 26 June 2021
  1. Realism
  2. Portrait.
  3. Graphics / Dotwork.
  4. Best of the day (color)
  5. Best of the day (black and white)
  6. Best of the day (graphics)
3 Day - 27 June 2021
  1. Big Tattoo.
  2. Traditional, Neo Traditional.
  3. Best of the day (color)
  4. Best of the day (black and white)
  5. Best of the day (graphics)
  6. Grand-Prix "Golden Machine"

Important Information

  • One tattoo can be exhibited in only one of the categories of the Convention.

  • Registration for the nominations is open all day and ends 30 minutes before thecompetition begins. You can look up the schedule of the competition program under the heading "Program of the festival".

  • Registration for the nominations can be done only in the presence of the artist and his model. Works of absentees from the Convention will not be registered!

  • If the model, who won a prize in one of the nominations is absent during voting for the Grand Prix, the nominee will be removed

  • Tattoos that won prizes at previous Conventions can’t take part in current Convention.

  • To take part in the "Cover-Up" nomination, a photograph of pre-cover tattoo is required.

  • Nomination "Best of the Day" is a tattoo made during one day at the Convention, i.e. "from scratch". Nominations are held every day. Tattoo that started on one day and finished on another day of the Convention does not participate in the competition.

  • When putting a tattoo in one or another nomination, choose carefully. You can consult with the administration of the Convention, which nomination is most suitable for this work.

  • Big tattoo is a completely tattooed part of the body (back, arm, leg ...).

  • Tattoos that are not healed, peeling, or finished at the Convention do not participate in competitions.

  • The jury of the Convention can put the work from one nomination to another if it does not meet the criteria for this nomination, without discussion with the master.

  • Awarding of the winners is held every day. Each nomination has three prize places, with the presentation of prizes for the first, second and third places.

  • Diplomas are awarded not only to tattoo artists, but also to their models. The sponsors of the prize fund carry out
    awarding in the nomination «Sponsorship Favorite».

  • The organizers of the competition guarantee each participant an unbiased assessment by an authoritative jury.

  • Grand Prix nomination or Best Tattoo Convention will be held on the last day of the competition program. Models with tattoos that took first place in one of the above nominations (except for the nominations "Best of the Day", "Sponsorship Favorite", "Spectator Sympathy Tattoo", "Crazy Tattoo") take part in the Grand Prix nomination.

Venue Convention:

Art-zavod Platforma, Magnitogorskaya Street, 1-A

Contact phone numbers:
+38(063) 1234-354, +38(067) 2902-222

Victor Karpenko

Project Manager

George Chernov

Work with participants